It's Throwback Thursday, and since we are knee deep in Summer I figured we would focus on just that.  Summer!  It's August, it's hot, and if your kids don't have a laundry list of things to do they will scream boredom from the roof tops.


When I was a kid (this is going back 30 years), we had to make our own fun.  We didn't have 3 video game systems to play in an air conditioned house, or nerf guns, or a bike and a scooter and a skateboard and a mini powered vehicle.  We had metal slides that were 146 degrees that had you land in a pile of rocks...and we loved it!

metal slide

None of the playground equipment would pass today's safety measures, but no one seemed to care back in the day.  The more dangerous the better.  We had nothing else to do.  Our options were run through the sprinkler, play catch, or risk your life at the playground.  Riding bikes was also technically an option, but my bike was terrible so I am blocking that memory.

Young Friends in Sprinkler
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My parents favorite thing to tell me was "use your imagination".  Basically that was code word for we're poor, go bounce that ball or something.


Nowadays you have to produce a Summer Bucket List of activities that your kids will accomplish by the end of Summer.  I think you have to pay a fine if you don't have it ready by the last day of school.  God forbid little Amelia or Lucas have to use their imagination to entertain themselves for an hour.


Maybe I am just bitter, but I loved my Summers back in the day.  I don't know if I would trade them in for the Summers of today.  Who am I kidding, of course I would.  Have you played a video game on a 60 inch flat screen??  Have you seen playground sets today??  Did you ever catch a Pokemon?????  We got robbed.

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