Who doesn't like toys? I didn't even know there was a Toy Hall of Fame for this...


There are many joys of being a Mother... I am so blessed to be Amber's Mom. One of the coolest perks about being a Mom? Playing with some of her toys. LOL.

The National Toy Hall of Fame just announced three toys that will be inducted for 2018. You probably remember them quite well, too!

They are:

Uno- Remember this awesome card game? I think I have to grab a deck now!

The Magic 8 BALL- My daughter loves this! They come in all different colors now too!

Pinball- I am surprised this didn't make it in there sooner. This is a classic!

Are you surprised by this list? Is there a toy that should have made it?

Did you even know there was a National Toy Hall of Fame? This is seriously new news to me...



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