Toys are probably one of the first things I remember “wanting” as a child. Sure there was food, clothing, shelter and love (we all NEED those things) but a toy is something I wanted.

From my first G.I Joe with the Kung Fu grip to my Million Dollar Man action figure (yes, they are action figures not dolls) with his space capsule that doubled as an operating table toys; provided joy, imagination, fun and now memories for me.


Currently numbering more than 72,000 artifacts, The Strong’s toy collections are recognized as one of the most comprehensive aggregations of such things for play anywhere.

No matter what your age- If you played with or currently are playing with toys there is a good chance you can visit it there.

They also have the National Toy Hall of Fame  and this year the following 11 toys are finalists for 2017 induction into it. Only two or three will take their honored places in the hall this year when they are announced at a ceremony at The Strong on Thursday, November 9, at 10:30 a.m.

We all remember our parents, grandparents or anyone trying to bribe a kid into being well-behaved by saying "If you are good, I will buy you a toy."

Well, if you had to pick one of the following to enter this year's hall of fame class- What would it be? For great descriptions and the cases made for each toy CLICK HERE


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