Veteran's Day was yesterday, and one local artist decided he was going to pay a tribute to them in a not so ordinary way.

If you've ever seen those humungous pumpkins that weigh in at ridiculous weights, and wondered what the heck people do with them...this could become a new option.

According to WIVB, the artist's name is Eric Jones.  You may recognize him if you're a fan of The Food Network's Halloween Wars.  He was on the show last season.  He's a caricature artist and a sculptor who does carvings at The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence.  He says that one day he saw a gigantic 600 pound pumpkin and decided that he wanted to use it to carve something for our Veterans to enjoy.

He took his enormous canvas and transformed it into an amazing replication of the famous photo of Marines raising the American flag in Iwo Jima.

It's something you have to see.

Jones told WIVB that it was important to him to do this sculpture because of how tough this year has been.  He wanted something to show that could help to bring us together.

“With coronavirus, a lot of nasty politics, I just thought there’s one thing we can all kind of agree on and that is we owe something to our veterans. We look at the freedoms we have as a nation and we’re not perfect, but we owe some gratitude to them.”

He says it's brought quite a few people to his door hoping to see what he's done.  People drive by and even pull into his driveway to get a look at it, and he says that's fine with him.  It's there for people to enjoy.

Find more of Eric's creations by clicking here on Erics Caricatures and Carvings or

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