Buffalo is a great city for all sorts of things, whether it's sports, food, or entertainment; you can pretty much find it in the 716. But, exactly how artsy is Buffalo?

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Being that we live in Buffalo, it's sometimes easy to forget how great the arts are in our area.

With multiple world-class museums, galleries, theatres, and music venues all across Western New York, there are plenty of options to fill your cup with the arts and those options range the gambit.

We have great art everywhere, from all of the murals that pepper the city to the art installations that pop up like the Albright-Knox Northland gallery.

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.
–Andy Warhol.

But have you ever asked yourself how Buffalo's art scene stack up against other cities?

Lawn Love recently ranked the 200 biggest cities in the US on their art scene.

When doing their ranking, they looked at more than 20 different things to determine a score; things like how many Performing Arts Theatres there are, or recording studios and art supply stores exist.

So, how did Buffalo Rank?

Lawn Love
Lawn Love

Out of 200 American cities, Buffalo ranks 22nd on the list; which puts the 716 above cities like Sacramento, Baltimore, Denver, San Diego, Houston, Milwaukee, and Detroit.

We also performed well on some of the key metrics they look at:

  • 10th - Performing Arts Theaters per Square Mile
  • 13th - Movie Lover-Friendliness
  • 13th - Vinyl Record Stores per Square Mile
  • 25th - Number of Universities With a Visual and Performing Arts Program
  • This isn't a bad ranking for Buffalo especially considering we're still trying to keep Buffalo a secret.

    Photo's From Arts for Healing

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