A few days ago, we did a list of some of the best tattoo parlors to visit for new ink in 2022.  It looks like we missed A BUNCH. 

After posting the article on facebook, tons of people came out with suggestions that we missed on our original list.  And if we are going to make it a true list based on your suggestions, it would be wrong not to add these ones in there.

You've dreamed of getting a tattoo one day.  The time has finally come.  You've saved your money and worked up the courage.  Now, where do you go to get it done?
Tattoos are a lifetime commitment.  You'll be looking at them every day for the rest of time that you have here on earth.  So you better like what you have done.

Some people like to just find something online - a logo, a really cool-looking design, or a pop culture character.  In my opinion, those are the worst tattoos you can get.  Anything that changes over time like pop culture and design could leave you with big-time feelings of regret that you will have to live with.

However, if your tattoo means something to you, you'll not only be proud to show it off but also to tell the story of why you got it.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten to talk about my dad or my best friend because I decided to get a tattoo to honor them a few years ago.

I've been thrilled with the work that I've had done and I hope you will too.

We've got some incredible shops here in Western New York.  They're clean.  The people are friendly and they do amazing work.  I would encourage you to look into these shops and find one that's perfect for you.  It's super important that you are comfortable with the artist that you choose and that they can do the work you're looking to get done.

After your suggestions came rolling in, I thought it was necessary to add the list of shops that have people bragging about them online:

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Best Tattoo Parlors for 2022 in Western New York

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