I don't have children of my own, but who am I to disagree with science...and/or Imogen Heap?!?!

Lets face it, babies can be pretty cranky, and sometimes, no matter how much cooing, snuggling, and bouncing-on-the-hip you try, some of them just won't get happy!

Child psychologists worked with Grammy-winning Heap (you probably know her song "Hide and Seek", one of my favorites!) to create what's supposed to be the PERFECT song to make babies happy.

They used different melodies, sounds babies responded to most, and lyrics that wouldn't be too annoying for parents (not like you're gonna be playing it on the treadmill or anything), and tested them on 26 kids. They measured heart rates and how much they smiled.

Once everything came together, they played it for 20 babies, and it was a HIT!  It's the first song scientifically engineered to make babies happy.

Here it is!

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