When you hear someone refer to an intersection as “unsafe,” you may suspect that drivers run red lights often, it’s not the best location to cross the street as a pedestrian, or maybe there is a risk of a falling tree.

None of those options are the reason behind this intersection right outside of Elmwood (on the East Side) being deemed “unsafe” by community members in Western New York.

This is a case of debris.

That’s right -- debris, but it is not from a nearby building or a traffic light. 

There is a group of young adults who will regularly visit this particular intersection in the East Side of town, where they will throw rocks at select cars when they drive through the intersection.

The reason why is unclear, but you should know that it only occurs when your car is in motion. The group has not been known to throw rocks at any parked cars waiting for the light to turn. 

Here Is One Of The Most Unsafe Intersections In WNY

Be extremely cautious when driving through this part of the East Side, just outside of Elmwood.

Again, the intersection is at E Ferry St. and Wohlers Ave., just outside of Elmwood in the East Side.

If you witness any rock throwing in the coming days, do not hesitate to call 911.

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