Have you ever found yourself in a job that you don't like but you can't afford to leave it just yet? Well, there is a company right here in the US that actually pays its employees to Quit!

That's right! if you don't like your job this company will actually give you cold hard cash to leave!

Amazon does something really cool! Once a year the company will actually pay workers up to $5000 to quit their jobs!

Amazon gives their full-time employees a chance to quit and walk away with cash! The company only wants people who want to work for the company working at their fulfillment centers.

There are a couple of rules to the payout!

1. You have to be a full-time employee
2. You must have been employed for at least one full year
3. You can NEVER work for Amazon or any of its companies ever again!

A company spokesperson told CNBC Make It, "We want people working at Amazon who want to be here,".

Would you quit your job for a cool 5Gs and never work there again?

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