The Erie County Fair is currently going on at the Hamburg Fairgrounds and if you haven't gotten out there yet, no worries, because it will run through this weekend.

I went to the fair on both Sunday and Monday, but it was Monday that I really got to explore every square inch of what this year's fair had to offer.

I was in the Totally Buffalo Store and stumbled across this incredible candle that believe it or not, is scented just like Paula's Donuts.

Chris Owen
Chris Owen

The candle really did smell like I was taking a whiff of donuts at a bakery. I also heard rumors from people there were Josh Allen-scented candles there, but sadly, I didn't see any. If they sold out of those, I can definitely see why!

The Totally Buffalo store had all Buffalo-themed items, such as sponge candy decorated socks, Bills gear, and other knick-knacks that were interesting to Western New Yorkers.

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The candle and mug section of the store was the most interesting and had some other unique things that are definitely something to look into when you're there.

There were also old Buffalo store t-shirts in the convention center, such as Hills, Ground Round, Gold Circle, and many others that would bring back any Buffalonian to the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The Erie County Fair is truly a treasure.

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