My wife and I are big fans of lighthouses. After we were married, we honeymooned on Lake Michigan and fell in love with the lighthouse in South Haven, Michigan. SInce then we've visited close to fifty lighthouses, but we've never actually spent the night in one. Well, now that might change.

In Selkirk, New York there is a lighthouse that is an Airbnb. For a pretty reasonable $239/night you can stay overnight in this historic lighthouse that was built in 1838.

It was an active lighthouse from 1838 to 1859 when it was decommissioned. It was a boarding house for years as well as a hotel before being purchased and renovated. Now it accommodates eight guests right on the Salmon River off Lake Ontario.

Check out this historic lighthouse getaway.

You Can Stay In This 1838 Lighthouse In Selkirk, New York

Stay at the Salmon River Lighthouse and Marina. The fully-operational Selkirk Lighthouse was built in 1838. Today you can spend the night through the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

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