This morning is going to be a tough one.

If you are like me and you are a member of the Bills Mafia you probably stayed up way later than normal to watch the Bills season-opening loss to the Jets on Monday Night Football.

It is never fun for your favorite team to lose the opening game of the season or any game really and if you feel down afterward, that is ok. But you don't want to let that feeling stay too long.

So as you wake up this morning there are some things you should not do to make sure you don't stay in a funk all day.


At least when you first wake up. Chances are you are friends or follow other Bills fans and there is one thing we all know about social is mostly negative. So if you want to get out of the funk stay off social media for a while.


Skip the sports talk and skip the podcasts. They are paid to talk about the game and after a game that we just saw there aren't a lot of positives. So that means most of the talk will be negative. If you are in a funk, hearing over and over again about how bad the Bills are won't make you feel better. It is much better to listen to music. your favorite songs will get you in a good mood.

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OK, this one is simple. The loss is what it is, a loss. Now it is time to look to the next game. This is much easier in the regular season since you always have another game coming up. So if you are feeling down after last night's loss, think ahead to this Sunday's Home opener against the Raiders. Think about tailgating, and hanging with friends you might not have seen in a while. Think about the food and drinks.

Just know this loss funk will go away soon, hopefully with a big win on Sunday.

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