Here at the Breeze, we are all about finding ways to relax.

So, how about a list of the best chill-out spots, with great food, in Buffalo?

Happy young couple sitting in a cafe outside on a beautiful autumn day.

Thanks to FourSquare City guide we are set with 15!

1) Daily Planet Coffee Company on 1862 Hertel Ave (At Parker Ave)

Reviews say the coffee, tea, and other hot drinks are dreamy.  Live music at times, and loads of room to just hang out with folks.

2)  Betty's Restaurant at 370 Virginia St (as Cottage St)

Said one review: "laid back vibe, attentive kitchen (very attentive to dietary restrictions, if you have 'em), and a varied dinner menu. veggie-friendly!

3) This one was actually 8th on the list.  But, please indulge me.  It was the first place my daughters and I went when we moved to Buffalo 3 years ago.  The places was so unique and yet welcoming.

It's Caffe Aroma on 857 Elmwood Ave (at Bidwell Pkwy) 

For the full list click on the smile ;-)

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