Sometimes it can seem that the world has gone mad.  News headlines can be deadlines keep piling obligations can seem stressful...spring maintenance for the home might seem daunting.  Getting some quality "me" time seems to be an increasingly difficult task -- Yes, so much is going on, getting quality time is now a TASK!

Which is why I relish some simple things that give me about 2 minutes of calming peace. Naturally, animals are involved.  And lets face it, we could all use a break.

And as of post-time, this video has been watched over 1.3 MILLION times.

A rancher in Texas put a camera in the bottom of a bucket of water last Friday to see how many of his farm animals drank from it.

A few bees got stuck in it first, but the kindly gentleman saved them.  Then, birds came.  Then a rabbit (one he calls George, denoted by the notch in his ear).  Then a couple of chickens (I've never seen how a chicken drinks water, have you???).  Finally, a sweet donkey, and one of his longhorn cattle.

The tranquil music in the background instantly puts me in a Zen state of calm...and seeing these adorable animals simply sipping water somehow resets my chaotic mind in a matter of seconds.

I hope it does the same for you!

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