Voting for USA Today's "Best Festivals in America" poll closes at 11:59 pm tonight and that means you still have time to vote for the National Wing Festival which is held in Buffalo every year as the "Best Specialty" Food Festival in America.


You can vote for the National Buffalo Wing Festival online as your favorite festival and make it the #1 Best Specialty Food Festival in the country.

As of last week, the National Wing Festival was in 4th place overall. The Pickel Festival in Pittsburg was sitting at the top of the list. Now that there are less than 24 hours left to go in voting, USA Today has taken down the current rankings.

Here is a look at the other food festivals that are vying for the title of Best Specialty Food Festival.

Picklesburgh - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cheese Curd Festival - Ellsworth, Wisconsin
Delta Hot Tamale Festival - Greenville, Mississippi
Key Lime Festival - Key West, Florida
Maine Lobster Festival - Rockland, Maine
San Antonio Tamales Festival - San Antonio, Texas
Las Vegas Pizza Festival - Las Vegas, Nevada
Carne Asada Fest - Dallas, Texas
National Fried Chicken Festival - New Orleans, Louisiana

Come on we can't let a pickle fest beat out the best football food in the world right?

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You can also vote for the Taste of Buffalo for "Best Food Festival".

The results of the readers poll will be announced on March 27th.

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