Hats off to the Cheektowaga Police Department.

They're one of the busiest agencies in Western New York and receive 200 a day during the week alone--some can be interesting.

While they surely take care of people in need, I always wonder what they think when they get these bizzare calls for these:

These happened  this week in Cheektowaga according to the Cheektowaga Bee:

• An intoxicated complainant reported she thought she left her purple motor scooter by a telephone pole.


• At a Union Road restaurant, a customer called police because they saw an 8-year-old repeatedly passing out in his booth. He was just tired.


• A dump truck driver allegedly threw a can of pop at another vehicle and had topsoil flying out of his bed.


• A woman reported that her ex would not stop emailing her, but the man reported that she had hacked his email and messaged herself.


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