The keto diet is really popular right now . . . that's where you basically eat NO carbs, just a lot of fats, meat, some dairy, and a few vegetables.  Well, not only will it help you lose's an unexpected side effect.

According to a new study out of Yale, the keto diet can help you fight off the FLU.

The researchers found that when you're body is in a state of ketosis, a result of the keto diet, it activates a group of cells in your lungs.

Mice fed a  were better able to combat the  than mice fed food high in carbohydrates, according to a new Yale University study published Nov. 15 in the journal Science Immunology.



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The ketogenic diet—which for people includes meat, fish, poultry, and non-starchy vegetables—activates a subset of T cells in the lungs not previously associated with the immune system's response to influenza, enhancing mucus production from airway cells that can effectively trap the virus, the researchers report.

Those cells do a great job trapping the flu virus and fighting it.

The researchers were SURPRISED that this turned out to be the case, quote,

"This was a totally unexpected finding."

(Study Finds)


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