Due to a very serious Flu Season this year, if your sick or have a child 4 years of age or under, Oishei Children's Hospital is restricting you from visiting their facility until further notice to protect its kids from influenza.

The precaution is being implemented due to the flu being volatile this year and in light of the untimely death of 11-year-old Luca Calanni who died last Saturday from complications associated with the flu, according to news reports.

Erie County Physician, Dr. Joseph Chow said this about this year's flu, according to a news source.  He began by saying the best way to avoid getting the flu is to get the flu shot followed by these tips:

“Really just health maintenance from a standpoint of just wash your hands very frequently, if you’re going to cough, cough into your sleeve if you have fevers or if you’re ill stay home call your doctor.  So pretty similar things, get plenty of rest,eat well because even though there are variations in the flu each year a lot of the same things we’re saying to prevent it are still true today.”

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