The school book fair is always a source of nostalgia for me. In my early days (before Target, Walmart, and Amazon), the Scholastic Book Fair was my window into all that was new and novel (and prob included a poster of a fluffy kitten with an inspirational saying).

Here's what our best finds were this year:


1.  Cassette Tape Note Pad: My 7 year old actually knew what a cassette was, told me I needed this “because they had these when you were a little kid.”  Not sure how he knew that.


2.  Diary with a lock: Always one of my purchases at the school book fair. Even though all of the keys were the same, still thought I had approached high level of security.


3.  Secret Message Maker: I did an escape room that used black-light messages to help find your way out. There’s just something creepy and awesome about black light pens, of which we have three of these — all purchased at the book fairs.


4.  Miniature ping pong set: Why? Why not I guess? Let’s play a game and see how many seconds it takes for one of my kids to lose the 1cm diameter ball.


5.  Magic Wand Pen: For the Harry Potter fan in your life, though these aren’t official licensed, they *are* kept right next to the Harry Potter books. The power of suggestion is magical.


6.  Minecraft Finger Pointer: This one isn’t even a pen, pencil, or eraser. It’s just a finger. On a stick. With a pixelated Minecraft-inspired pattern.

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