I took my Mom and daughter to The Buffalo Zoo for breakfast with the Easter Bunny and let me tell you all about it...


If you didn't attend Breakfast With The Easter Bunny at The Buffalo Zoo, you really missed out! I was so impressed with the lay out. The longest time I stood in line was 4 minutes. That's right, 4 minutes! When you have a 7 year old or younger kids and an almost senior citizen Mom, patience is not a virtue in this situation. 


They also had craft stations where you could make your own crown, temporary tattoo, and color an Easter egg. This is good if you want to enjoy a few more sips of coffee. Amber enjoyed this!


Go figure, they actually had a real bunny you could interact with too. This little guy was super soft! 


To end our morning, we had to take a picture with the Easter Bunny, It isn't complete without bunny ears. Yes! We HAD to take one with the bunny ears to get into the bunny spirit.


At the end of the morning which roughly we were done in about 45 minutes, we had the chance to wonder around the Zoo. It was a little chilly, so we ended up in the Rain-forest where we hung out with bats, anteaters, and even turtles! 


All in all this was a fantastic time for myself, Amber and even my Mom. The food was yummy and plenty, the crafts were great and how cool is it to hang out with the Easter Bunny. Even though it was chilly, it was worth wandering around the Zoo checking out the sites.

The Meercats say, "Hi!" BTW! LOL.

If you missed it this time there is always the Mother's Day brunch which I go to every year and also Breakfast with Santa. As always, a great time at The Buffalo Zoo! Kudos to the event staff for an amazing time!!!!!

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