Lots of people here in Western New York like to escape the cold and snow during Spring Break, but you will have to be careful what you say while out of town!

Officials in the vacation hotspot Myrtle Beach just passed a law that allows police to issue fines and citations to people who swear (or cuss as they call it down South) in public areas!

I lived in Myrtle Beach for about 6 years and I can attest to how rowdy it can get along the boardwalk and on the beach during peak vacation times.

While I wouldn't call myself a prude, I have heard some very vulgar language in public on the beach. My son Avry was only 3 ir 4 at the time and as a parent, it is nice to see that officials there are looking to clean up some people's act!


Should People Be Fined For Swearing in Public?

Depends on what words they used
Depends on if kids are around
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