Over the past few days, there have been countless playoff and Super Bowl predictions from national sports shows, experts and analysts.

Usually, Buffalo Bills fans don't pay attention to these every year because the Bills haven't been a pre-season Super Bowl favorite in nearly 30 years. That changed this season, however.

Many have picked the Bills to either make the Super Bowl this season or win it outright. One of them is Good Morning Football talk show host Kyle Brandt of The NFL Network.

If you remember, Kyle Brandt was a huge Bills backer during their playoff run, including the famous "Mount Up!" pump-up videos that would get released every Friday.

Brandt shocked everyone by taking off a Kansas City Chiefs jersey and revealing a #17 Josh Allen jersey and predicting a Bills Super Bowl victory on Good Morning Football this morning.

Bills fans are going crazy over the video and you can watch it below. Prepare yourselves for the chills running up your back.

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That's easily my favorite Super Bowl prediction of the past week or so. I loved CBS Sports' Pete Prisco's Bills Super Bowl prediction, too, but Brandt's energy was electric and he was an adopted member of Bills Mafia last year.

I still remember his days of being the producer of the Jim Rome radio show. I know he's a Chicago Bears fan deep down, but let's say that the Bills are now his "AFC team."

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