Sure, some guys wear speedos, that don't live in the south of France, but let's face it--most men get to wear those gigantic swim shorts. So, how come women are "supposed to" wear basically underwear for the pool or beach?  WHY????

Maybe the history of swimwear will explain a bit. We've gone from full-length "bathing dresses" in the 1800's, to the very first bikinis of the 1940's, and now we have the string bikinis that you currently see on beaches all over the world. It has become the norm for women everywhere to show more skin than ever before.

It would seem like we are sort of stuck with this, ladies...or are we?  For a bit more coverage, but still fun, check out these fabulous Esther Williams Vintage suits.  Esther (pictured above) was not only a former world champion swimmer, but an MGM movie star as well.  Everything that Esther designs are 'real' swimsuits that fit, are comfortable yet still a tad flirty.

Don't be afraid to challenge the expectation when enjoying the surf and sun. Wear something that might be considered old-fashioned if it looks good and you're comfortable in it. Whatever you wear, don't be vintage about the sunscreen--cake it on, and hit one of our Buffalo beaches!

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