It's odd to think that today that so many companies still use Styrofoam.  Even though we know its not good for the planet.

Styrofoam Ban Begins In Oakland As Part Of Anti-Pollution Effort
David Paul Morris

Well Buffalo Rising has a hopeful story out of Maine,

 Maine is officially the first state to announce that it will ban the harmful product. This is fantastic news, because we will now see the elimination of polystyrene from places like grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks. And guess what? Similar to the elimination of single use plastics, the doing away with Styrofoam means that businesses will simply have to figure out replacements for the eco-unfriendly packing materials and containers.

Besides  Maine (ban starts in 2021), 11 other states are thinking of a ban on Styrofoam, including Colorado, New Jersey, and Oregon.

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