Much of the northeast and New York are getting ready for Winter Storm Landon, which will strike Wednesday night, through Friday. The long-lasting snowstorm will bring rain, sleet and heavy snowfall to regions across New York, especially those in Western and Central New York.

December was mild and not nearly as snowy as usual, but that was not the case for January, which saw plenty of snow and a few snowstorms that dumped heavy snowfall for portions of the state.

Many are probably wishing spring got here now, instead of six weeks from now, but spring 2022 could feature more cold weather.

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According to AccuWeather long-range forecasters, there will be setbacks in the warm weather pattern this spring for the Midwest and northeast, which include New York State.

"There's going to be some type of setback as we head into either late March or April," says AccuWeather senior meteorologist, Paul Pastelok.

This would mean frost and freezing temperatures could last two weeks longer than normal.

Pastelok also says that a snowstorm, or two, could strike during the month of April.

It's not uncommon for colder air and snow to last into late March, but snowstorms typically don't happen into April, certainly not multiple snowstorms.

This past January is in the top 10 snowiest Januarys in Buffalo, NY's history, and it's tough to imagine even more snow potentially coming in March and April.

First thing is first, the state has to get by Winter Storm Landon, which will likely bring a foot or more of snow for many regions of New York State.

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