So, just released some info on spring cleaning that I felt the need to share with you!


I have to be honest, I haven't adhered to these suggestions at all up until this point. Some days I am lucky enough to have my apartment in order let alone CLEAN. But, Spring is here even though it doesn't feel like it BUT we tend to go overboard with Spring cleaning and organizing. Here is how often you should be cleaning things around your home/office. Some of them are no brainers, but you would be surprised at the others...

1. Microwave. You may think by using it, it kills bacteria, but you should be cleaning it once a week. (I think the last time I cleaned mine was when I was reheating my homemade spaghetti sauce and it blasted everywhere)

2. Bathtub. Once per week. This is something I do religiously. I try to take a bath at least once a week and who wants to bathe in a yucky tub with dead skin cells, hair follicles, etc... GROSS! Your tub is the main cause of 26 percent of staph infections... Clean it!

3. Inside your fridge. I am so guilty of this. I think the last time I cleaned mine was when Amber spilled her juice box. Salad and meat drawers harbor 750 times more bacteria than what is considered "safe." (I'll be heading home to clean my fridge as you are reading this!)

4. Your computer and desk at least once a week. This is a no brainer.

5. Your pillows at least every three months. The article says you can put them in the washer, but I have really nice down pillows and I don't think you can wash them. I usually shove them in the dryer once a week. This is pillows, not pillow cases. Pillow cases should be washed as often as you change your sheets which should be once as week or once every other week. Whichever your preference.

6. Your mattress! The article states you should spread baking soda on your mattress and vacuum it up every two months and spray it down with Lysol. My only qualm with this, I try to use more natural products than harmful chemicals in my home. This is my personal preference. I spray my mattress down with Thieves cleaning solution from Young Living. They have a whole line of all natural cleaning products that are guaranteed to kill germs and bacteria. This is the first year my daughter and myself haven't been hit hard with the flu either and I firmly believe it is because we use all natural cleaning products.

So whether you are an avid cleaner or a once a year Spring cleaner, these are sure fire ways to avoid harmful bacteria and deter you from getting sick!

Keeping Buffalo healthy one person at a time!

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