A shocking video making the rounds on social media that was filmed in a popular Western New York restaurant is making stomachs churn. 

The cringy video allegedly took place in the kitchen of Blu Wolf Bistro on Park Avenue in Rochester, New York.

Full disclosure: I showed the video to someone in the Rochester restaurant industry who used to be employed there, and he confirmed it was indeed Blu Wolf’s kitchen. 

In the video, you can clearly see a man in a black shirt and khaki shorts, presumed to be the “Stinky Tim” referenced in the video’s caption and assumed Blu Wolf employee, spitting on a customer's leftovers before boxing them up in a to-go box.


It’s unknown right now which platform was used to post the original video, but both Twitter and Instagram accounts of @timlloyd13, the username tagged in the video, have been deleted at the time of this post. However, before the accounts were deleted, the video was screengrabbed by a concerned Rochesterian and shared on Facebook.

Obviously, people were appalled when they saw the video, and it spread like wildfire on social media. When a Facebook messenger user sent the video directly to Blu Wolf Bistro, they responded:

“I’ve spoken to the employee. (T)his was him playing a prank on another employee; he was going to tell him after he had gone home and eat(en) it. It obviously is unacceptable even amongst staff joking with each other. It is going to be delt with ASAP…This employee will no longer be working for us.”


Blu Wolf Bistro is one of the most popular restaurants on Park Avenue in Rochester, often boasting a packed patio during the summer. There’s no telling how this video is going to affect their business from here on out.

Service industry workers have gone through rough times, especially since the start of the Covid pandemic. Short-staffed restaurants and demanding customers have made a restaurant worker’s job harder than ever, and as customers, we should be appreciating them and treating them with respect. 

However, a server spitting in someone’s food, whether it’s a paying patron or a fellow employee, is completely and utterly unacceptable.  It’s a serious health code violation, and downright horrendous. Even if it is just a “prank,” the man filmed in that video should never be trusted to work in a restaurant again.

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