Do you remember those scratch and sniff stickers when you were a kid? Well, they are making a comeback throughout the United States. '


I remember being in elementary school and waiting to earn those scratch and sniff stickers on my homework assignments. I always wondered what scent I would get.

The United States postal service will start selling scratch and sniff stamps. How cool is that? There will be 10 different stamps and will have pictures of popsicles. I really think this is a fun idea and I am surprised they haven't done this sooner. Some of the scents will include fruits, chocolate, and root beer.

This might be their big idea to try and rake in the cash they need for the United States Postal Service to get back on their feet. Who knows? As soon as this hits the market, I will probably be the first one to cash in on this opportunity because it reminds me of my elementary school days.


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