Last Friday a State Supreme Court Judge issued a temporary restraining order, lifting the curfew for restaurants involved in the Hogan Willig Lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo.

That order gave permission to more than 90 local restaurants to stay open past the 10 o’clock curfew that had been imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. While this is a reprieve of sorts some restaurant owners say it will take work to get back to normal.

Brandon Carr owns The Quarter restaurant. He says while his restaurant can now stay open later, patrons are still confused...unsure exactly how to react.

“It wasn’t really packed as much as we kind of thought it would be and we’re pretty much attributing that to the fact that a lot of people still thought all the bars are pretty much closed except for a slight few so it’s kind of unfortunate,” he said.

Casa Di Francesca’s Restaurant, also involved in the lawsuit against New York State state, had owner Steven Marchione commenting he almost forgot how valuable those extra few view hours are for business.

“It’s been so long that we’ve been you know kicking people out before 10 and so it’s almost automatic now,” he said. “It felt very good to be like hey wait we can stay open. It was nice.”

Only the restaurants involved in the lawsuit are able to take advantage of the extended hours of operation.

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