One of the worst things about this pandemic for me is not being able to see family members.  I have have been 'social distancing' for two weeks.  In an Italian, close-knit family like mine that is really tough.

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I really miss my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids, who I normally see at the very least weekly.

Last night I decided it was time for a Socially Responsible I texted my sibs, Mike, Liz and Annmarie and drove by each of their houses waved and shouted hello from the driveway.  Then I drove to my daughter and son-in-laws house (Matt and Justine) to wave to my grandkids Gianni and Adreyano. (** As a point of reference, my grandkids call me "Pa Joe")

As you can see from YouTube below, they were happy to see me.

I feel for each of you in this unique time.  Stay well!

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