BonTon is supposedly going bankrupt, but here's what we know about the stores in Western New York. There are 8 of the one-time popular in Western New York from the northtowns all the way to Jamestown.

Apparently, they tried to sell the BonTon chain, but nobody worthy bid on them and therefore they will go out of business.

According to Reuters and WGRZ:

Anytime a company is in bankruptcy, proceedings things don't happen overnight and it's a process supervised by a bankruptcy court, and it takes a while for the business to close down," said business analyst, Peter Allen Weinmann.

One of Bon-Ton's locations is at the Eastern Hills Mall in Clarence. Mountain Development Corporation, which is based in New Jersey, co-owns the mall.

"We do know that its been a very successful store for them but I've heard nothing today regarding their location ot its fate," said Chuck Breidenbach, Managing Director of Mountain Development Corp.

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