It's been rumored for a while that the Chef's Restaurant in Amherst was closing, and today they made an announcement to confirm it.

There's good news here and bad news.

The bad news is that if you're in Amherst and you want Chef's famous spaghetti parm, you're going to have to drive for it.  The "Chef's On The Go" restaurant (5483 Sheridan Drive) that has been open there for the past 2 years is not going to re-open.  They opened right before the pandemic began and ended up being another one of the big casualties that the restaurant industry has been seeing for the past year or so.

Many restaurants struggled to make it through the pandemic.  Strict restrictions on diners and staffing shortages made it tough for a lot of restaurants to remain open.

Their opening date was October 17th, 2019 but just a couple weeks ago they were closed "until further notice."  According to WGRZ, the Billitier family (who owns Chef's) has announced that they will not be re-opening that location.

It was a different model than the original location.  Where the original is a large sit-down restaurant with a capacity of over 300 people, the newer "On The Go" restaurant only had seating for 60 and a quick-service counter and drive-thru window.

I mentioned that there was good news though.  The good news is that it appears as though the Amherst location is the only one closing.  The original location is still open.  You can still get spaghetti parm, and if you really want to drive through and pick it up, they have a window for that there too!

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