Not all spaghetti is created equal.  If you're looking for some of the best spaghetti in Buffalo, you might want to try out some of these places.

Everyone likes their spaghetti prepared differently.  Some like the sauce to be sweet.  Others prefer that it be a little more acidic.  Some like it thick...others like it thin.  Some just like a little sauce, others like to cover it in cheese and have to cut it with a knife.

Then there's the pasta itself.  Is it homemade?  Can you tell if it isn't?

Do you cut up your spaghetti and scoop it?  Or are you normal and like to twirl it on your fork?  Do you insist on having a meatball or two?  Maybe it's sausage that you love.

Either way, we've got some incredible restaurants here in Buffalo that serve up some incredible spaghetti.  One of our restaurants was even named in a list of the best pastas in America.  Whether you're looking for it to be a side dish for your chicken parm, or it's the main course, you're bound to find a restaurant with incredible spaghetti served the way you like it on this list.

Get a fork and spoon ready and tie on your bib (because we all know we're about to get something on our shirt) and get ready to dive into the list of some of the best places for spaghetti in Buffalo.  Got one that we should have included on the list?  Let us know where your favorite place is!

Best Spaghetti Restaurants For 2022 In Buffalo

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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