Okay, if you traced across Netflix this past weekend or month, then you saw the teaser for the 'reality' show Love is Blind

Netflix's Love Is Blind VIP Viewing Party In Atlanta
Getty Images for Netflix

If you've missed it, Indiewire.com has the details on the the show's concept

putting participants into sealed, windowless pods in order to build a relationship with someone through only voice communication. Later, each get the chance to meet their new, better halves — for better or worse. And that’s when the real garbage fun begins.

Well, this week's Saturday Night Live, took the show on with,

 a parody that reinvents the format of the show, with contestants cordoned off due to the ongoing coronavirus that has sent the world into panic mode.

The sketch featured:

cast members such as Heidi Gardner as an aspiring stay-at-home mom who’s just gotten off a cruise, Chloe Fineman as a bubblehead who contracted the virus by licking a pole, Ego Nwodim as a woman who loves exotic animal sandwiches

Now if you are going to check out the 'real' show, you may want to be naughty like me and just skip to the final episodes where the couples say "I Do" or I Don't."

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