It's a part of virtually every sporting event on the college and pro levels: a live or recorded performance of the National Anthem. The Anthem is frequently part of high school sports as well. But now a sports federation in neighboring Pennsylvania has told its member schools to stop the music. Why?

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League has 183 member schools in central and western Pennsylvania. Those schools have been notified to stop playing the National Anthem before games by League officials.

It sounds...well, unpatriotic. But the league comissioner says there's a good reason for the call. Here's a report from Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV:[]

It's easy to see the League's point; every hockey parent knows ice is expensive. But weigh that against a healthy sense of respect for the US. It's important to develop a love of country in our young people. It didn't look like the people in that video wanted the Anthem to go away. Do you?:

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