If you have kids that are playing sports in High School this Fall, now is the time to make sure they are registered with your school district.

Fall Sports in New York State include: Football Cheer Soccer Field Hockey Cross Country Gymnastics Tennis (Girls Only) Swimming (Girls Only) Volleyball Golf

Most school districts require students to sign up for the sport they wish to play and they also require sports physicals before any student-athletes can attend tryouts, practice, or games.

Some school districts will be offering free sports physicals during the month of August. You need to contact your school's athletics director for more information.

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If you can't schedule a physical at school, you should contact your child's doctor as soon as possible.

Here is a copy of what the New York State physical looks like: (Save and Download to view)


It is an exciting time for student-athletes all across New York State and we wish you the best of luck during your upcoming season.

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