The snow keeps coming and coming this week. Some places in New York got a couple of inches and some places got several feet of snow.

Anytime we get some nasty snow here in New York, it really changes what we do. Many people stay home due to the weather and with travel bans in place, a lot of us couldn't get out even if we wanted to.

So what is the one thing we all NEED to do now that the snow is over?


Think about it, when there are travel bans or people are not going out due to the weather, some local businesses really suffer. If they don't have customers they could be losing money that they need to pay rent or the electric bill.

Now that the roads are plowed and open, the snow has slowed down and you are looking to re-stock on food and supplies. Think about shopping locally.

These small business owners are the heartbeat of our communities and they might need that $100 sale to keep their doors open.

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The same goes for local restaurants. They still have bills to pay and if you are sick of eating at home after being snowed in, heading to a local restaurant to grab a meal or two won't only taste amazing, but it will help out these local business owners.

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