This year has been incredibly tough for small businesses with the pandemic just to keep your doors open.  Which makes this thing that ebay is doing even cooler.

2020 has been rough on just about everyone.  But small businesses have really suffered.  And now, they're staring down even more shutdowns and closings.  If you are one of those businesses that are struggling this year, eBay wants to help.

According to Forbes, eBay recognizes that small businesses are the backbone of their site and they're hoping to provide some financial relief to 50 of them.  They're offering a $10,000 grant to small businesses thanks to a program called "Up & Running."  They've teamed up with Hello Alice, a company that has made it their focus to grow your small business, to make it happen.

The grants will consist of 8 thousand dollars in cash and 2 thousand dollars in ebay credits.

"For 25 years eBay’s core purpose has remained the same: to empower people and create economic opportunity. This is our core DNA, and now more than ever we feel a responsibility to do everything we can to help small businesses stay open today and grow in the future. " - Jordan Sweetnam, SVP and General Manager, Americas at eBay

The application process is already open and will continue through December 11th.  The application process will require that you submit details of your business and how the grant could help it stay up and running or fund your growth plans.

If you'd like to apply, click here.

Remember, this Saturday is Small Business Saturday where people strictly shop small businesses.  It's more important this year than it ever has been.  Be sure if their brick and mortar stores are closed to look for them online and shop local this year!

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