Black One Size.

Solid, black *OS*.

If you're a LuLaRoe fan, you know how important those words are.

So, LuLaRoe leggings are all the rage. It's the brand that you probably know best from social media - undoubtedly, you belong to more than a few LuLaRoe Facebook groups - and their claim that the "buttery-soft" leggings are the most comfortable things you'll ever wear, and they're the closest thing to going naked in public.

We even converted Tony P. to a LuLaRoe lover. Check out the video of him modelling his "meggings" here.

This past weekend, I went to a friend's LuLaRoe Launch Party, and I scored not one, but two unicorns.

The aforementioned solid black OS leggings, and grey-background mustache leggings!

So how did I do it?

Dumb. Luck.

I've been "present" at a few virtual sales, and a few pop-ups, and usually always only see the solid black one sizes sold as part of an ensemble. Even in those circumstances, purchasing can be tricky as the "unicorns" (in-demand or discontinued patterns) get snapped up quickly.

Me and my friend Hazel at her LuLaRoe launch party, where I scored some major unicorn finds!

Lucky for me, this Launch Party didn't begin until 1pm on a Sunday - primo time for me actually getting out of the house on time. I walked in, made a beeline to the leggings and to my total shock -- there they were -- the elusive black OS!

Right behind them were the mustaches. I was dying. DYING.

Outside of having some good luck (getting to a Launch Party, on time, and while it wasn't swarmed), you can find some unicorns online at sites like Ebay and Poshmark, if you're willing to pay a premium price. The leggings are usually sold for $25, but some go for as much as $70+ in the online after-market.

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