It's Tuesday which means it's another day of Val getting me to try something new.  On this weeks Tony Tries, she has me wearing spanx.  I'm told that it will suck you in so you don't have to go to the gym.  I am cool with that!


I wore not 1 but 2 pair of spanx (to really smooth me out) along with my LuLaroe leggings.  After putting them on I gained a whole new appreciation for what you ladies go through.  I mean it sucked my gut in, but wow, I felt like my insides were being crushed together.  It probably didn't help that I pigged out before hand.


Two pair of spanx was intense, and I had shortness of breath and was getting a headache while wearing them.  I don't think you should be allowed to operate heavy machinery while wearing spanx.  I think I might go back to trying to lose my gut with some exercise.  Enjoy my pain...

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