So, today (June 14th) my wife Elizabeth and I celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary.

Now my wife is not into gifts and presents so she asked that I didn't buy her anything. Well, I couldn't not do anything for our anniversary so I did something I think was really sweet!


I told 16 (one for each year we are married) little post-it notes with a special message on each of them and hid them around the house.

I put notes near the coffee pot, in her car, in her closet, and even on the washing machine...basically places I know that she will go to today.

Each note has a different message on it like..."I love you"..."You are a great mom"..."Thanks for always being there".

It is a bit cheesy but she did say "I DO" to me and she knows that I am a cheesy guy! hahaha

If you see my wife today, make sure to wish her a Happy Anniversary!

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