School nurses step to the forefront when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19 inside Niagara Falls schools according to a story that aired on WIVB-TV.

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The Niagara Falls City School District has a  plan in place to help keep kids safe from COVID-19, which relies heavily on school nurses, PPE, and an isolation room.

The district is beginning the school year with a hybrid reopening plan with kids in the classrooms at least part of the time.

If there is a child who starts to feel sick, their regular trip to the nurses' office will change. The student depending upon symptoms presented will be isolated in a special room, to immediately distance the student from the general school population.

The nurses will follow special guidelines which include wearing Personal Protective Equipment to tend to children in the isolation room. Parents will be based on symptoms be called and the child will be sent home and a doctor and medical personnel will determine when the child is safe to return to the classroom.

Immunizations also play a very important role in keeping kids safe. According to District sources, students are required to have all their shots even if they’re going to be in the building part-time.


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