This is a challenging time for parents with young children who are out of school and with events, like sports, and birthday parties canceled. But a jolly old elf wants to help lift kids' spirits.

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Santa is making the most of his time during the stay-home order by spreading some Christmas cheer. Santa's workshop has become his call center, where he has about 10  video chats a day.

"I get calls from California, Nebraska, Florida, New York City, of course," St. Nick said. "I started this because I knew they are upset missing school, missing their friends and just thought I'd reach out to them, see what they're doing make sure everybody is safe."

Santa said parents offer to pay him for the call. He said he appreciates that, but he suggests instead...

"I told them go ahead and give it to the local food bank or charity of your choice. This is my gift to the children," Santa said.


You can schedule a call on the Santa Chuck Plant Facebook page.


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