The chaos in today's world from weather to politics has made people wary of travel...  especially traveling to other countries.  But something called the Economist Intelligence Unit just put out a list of the SAFEST big cities to travel to.

Our understanding of city safety has changed in recent years, the SCI report suggests.
With issues such as terrorism and climate change increasingly on people's minds, the index's compilers say it now takes into account the ability of a city to "bounce back" after a natural or man-made disaster.
While analyzing a city's resilience, the Safe Cities Index looked at the emergency services available in the city, transport facilities, catastrophe insurance, disaster-risk development and cyber-security preparedness.

They don't just look at your physical safety, they also look at infrastructure, diseases you could catch, identity theft risk and more.  Here, according to the EIU are safest cities to visit in 2019 . . .

1.  Tokyo, Japan.

2.  Singapore.

3.  Osaka, Japan.  (About 300 miles southwest of Tokyo.)

4.  Amsterdam.

5.  Sydney, Australia.

6.  Toronto.

7.  Washington, D.C.  It's the only U.S. city in the top ten.  Chicago is #11 though.

8.  Copenhagen, Denmark.

9.  Seoul, South Korea.

10.  Melbourne, Australia.

Good news for us here in Western New York...Toronto is an easy commute.



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