How odd would it be if a former boyfriend or girlfriend wrote an autobiography and mentioned you?

Actress Demi Moore Signs Copies Of Her Memoir "Inside Out"
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It seems Demi Moore's new bio is quite dishy.  She even includes a section on a tryst with Rob Loew.

In a review, MSN Entertainment writes,

Rob Lowe reacts to former co-star and lover Demi Moore's revelations in new book...He  previously declined to go into detail about what happened between them during their days as members of Hollywood's famed Brat Pack, explaining on "The View" back in March 2019 that "A gentleman never kisses and tells!"

He did go on to mention that he was proud of her for becoming sober.  He himself has been sober for 29 years.

"She was the first person I ever knew who got sober. She was a huge inspiration to me," Rob said on "The View." "It was the '80s, we were all doing our thing. I just remember thinking, 'Whoa, if that girl can get sober, anybody can.'"

So far no word from Ashton Kutcher or Bruce Willis, her former husbands.





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