Black or Red, when it comes to Licorice, do you have a favorite? I am starting to feel old, because when I was little I only liked red.  I use to watch my mom eating black and was repulsed.  Guess who likes black now?  Yep, me!

Well, today is Licorice Day.  So, thought you might enjoy a bit of licorice factoids.

According to the website, Candy Funhouse, so it must be true...." licorice is derived from the Greek, meaning "sweet root."  Plus, "some of the most popular licorice candies on the market today are actually flavored with anise, which is similar-tasting, but not true licorice."
Now, if you have a craving today, there are plenty of candy spots in Buffalo.  How about Parkside Candy on Main in Buffalo, or Antoinette's Sweets in Depew.

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