It's only February but Prom season is right around the corner.  I think back to my prom and I have a lot of great memories, but the one thing I remember most is the cost.


Tickets, a tux, flowers, a limo, and other costs add up quickly.  Where does the money come from to cover these costs?  Usually your parents and maybe a part time job.  I went to the prom in the 90's so I can only imagine the costs have skyrocketed since then.


So is there any relief?  The Gowns for Prom campaign hopes to help do just that.  The campaign looks to supply high school girls throughout Western New York with dresses for their prom.  Similar to a wedding, this dress is normally worn just once and then stashed away.  Here is an opportunity to give someone the chance to wear something nice for an unforgettable night.

Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For Prom

All of the donated dresses will be available for selection April 4-6 at Shea's Performing Arts, and once a dress is chosen it will be altered, cleaned, and sent to the recipient prior to their prom.


So if you have a dress and you would like to donate it, you can bring it to Allstate, Reeds Jenss, Delta Sonic and Colvin Cleaners locations from Feb. 27 through March 31.  If you do not have a dress you can still volunteer your time.  Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.


I think this is a really cool campaign to get behind.  Everyone remembers what it was like in school, and how excited you were to go to a dance or to prom.  If you were fortunate enough to live that dream, what is better than giving someone else an opportunity to live it to.


For more information on this you can check out the website directly HERE.

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