There has been a lot of talk about punters here in Buffalo this offseason and the Bills finally have signed a punter for this season according to multiple reports.

Usually, anytime there is a lot of talk about a punter that is bad news for an NFL team. This offseason has been really bad when it comes to the punter and it looks like the Bills whiffed on the position this offseason but there is good news.

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The good news is that the bills are not expected to punt a lot this season which means that even though you want a really good punter on your team, the Bills won't be affected if they have to rotate punters through the season.

Most years, The Bills were set at punter, and there wasn't much to talk about. So while the Bills finally sorted out their punting mess, we wanted to look back at the best punters in the franchise history.

This list is based on average yards per punt while the player was a member of the Bills. Also, the punter had to have at least 101 punts to make this list. This isn't the list for fan favorite or man we hope this guy could come back this year.

Based on Yards Per Punt while a Buffalo Bill, here are the Best 5 Punters in Bills' history. (Sorry, the ability to hold for field goals was not used for this list either. haha)

The 5 Best Punters In Buffalo Bills History

There has been a lot of talk about punters in Buffalo this off-season. Here are the Top 5 punters in Buffalo Bills history based on average yard per punt with at least 101 punts as a Buffalo Bill.

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