Seeing a need to help his students, a high school principal took on a part-time job at Walmart soo he could give his paycheck to those in need.

Henry Darby, principal at North Charleston High School, has demonstrated how far he will go to pay it forward.

"A couple of years ago, I had two students, who were females, sleeping under the bridge. There was another2 situation where a former student of mine and her daughter were sleeping in their car, and another situation where a former student needed funds for her water and light bills," he told WCIV-TV.


Principal Darby saw a responsibility to take action. He is working at an area Walmart three nights a week, stocking shelves on the overnight shift.

"I was taught if your hands find something to do, do it. So I came to myself and said, 'Perhaps I need another job in terms of part-time,'" he said.
He said one of his students recognized him on his very first night of work.

"Someone yelled, 'Hey Mr. Darby, you're working for Walmart? Aren't you the principal?' And it blew me out of the water, so at that time, I said, 'That's it, I'll just do what I need," he said.

His decision to take the lead in helping his students has led to close to $100,000 in donations from all over the U.S.

Walmart, as a result of this story going viral, has donated $50,000 to North Charleston High School.

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