If grabbing a coffee at your local Tim Hortons is a part of your daily routine then you may have noticed something different. Prices have increased on several items. Apparently the increase happened yesterday at all locations. So how much more will you exactly be paying?


Coffee has increased by five cents and iced cappuccino increased by eleven cents. Now these may seem like large increases, but in reality Tim Hortons is still some of the lowest priced coffee in town. Let me prove it to you. Check out the price differences below.


Large Coffee  (Prices with Tax)

Tim Hortons: $2.06

Dunkin' Donuts: $2.09

Starbucks: $2.66


Does the slight increase in price deter you from purchasing coffee on the regular? I have a feeling the majority of people would say no. People in WNY seem to really love their "Timmy Fix". But if you disagree feel free to let me know in the comment section below.


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